TCO 4: Assel joins McKinsey Over Great Odds

TCO 4: Assel joins McKinsey Over Great Odds

33 Episodes

We recommend ALL clients begin with TCO IV with Assel + EMBA case interview program (if you are an FC Insider). These 2 programs cover all the material quickly and comprehensively, and clients starting with them have shown better results.

We make history at McKinsey with Assel. Never before, to the best of our extensive knowledge, has anyone ever joined McKinsey, BCG or Bain after 5 years of not working/studying. Assel accomplished this feat. Before her leave, Assel had worked at an audit firm as an auditor (not a consultant) and had never worked at Bain, BCG nor McKinsey.

Assel came to us with this unique challenge: could we help her join McKinsey after 5 years of raising children? In addition, should she lower her sights, just to get back into the workforce, by first working as an executive assistant aka personal assistant at McKinsey? This is clearly a confidence issue.

Skills taught include:

Communication skills and networking
Appearance and image management
Learning ability: speed, age and focus
Leveraging experiences during unemployment
Accepting less pay and lower titles just to get in
Balancing your family/personal life and career
Planning your application, given your situation. What to do and what not to do
Confidence issues due to a prolonged stay away from the workforce

WHAT IS IT: The Consulting Offer is a groundbreaking case interview training program using REAL participants. All training is done by ex-McKinsey, BCG et al partners using the techniques we developed in our 1-on-1 coaching programs where we have an 80% placement rate. Subscribers can watch video recordings of the candidates being trained for McKinsey, BCG and Bain case interviews. The show is now in its 6th season with all seasons available for streaming.

There is NO other program in the world with real candidates being trained in real time with the results made public. On this site you will only have access to the introductory program, TCO I with Felix. The rest of the TCO seasons and our most advanced case interview training to be found on Everything on along with our most advanced strategy programs can be found on

WHAT WE DID: Across 6 seasons, 7 years and counting, we brought together 16 candidates from 12 schools and 8 countries (USA, Morocco, Russia, France, Armenia, China, Canada and India) to train them primarily for US offices. The TCO program runs every year with new participants.

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Experienced Hire Case Interview Program

TCO contains the video training footage as we prepare participants for case interviews with McKinsey, Bain and BCG in New York, New Jersey, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Perth, Johannesburg, Boston, Atlanta, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, London and Chicago etc.

HOW SUCCESSFUL IS TCO: TCO alumni are very successful. In every season we have placed participants in McKinsey, Bain or BCG and we have placed all participants in management consulting when other good firms like Deloitte S&O are included. All MBB-placed TCO participants are still with the firms, and one is a principal having joined as a consultant. Only one participant has left McKinsey to join another firm where she is on a partnership track.

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TCO 4: Assel joins McKinsey Over Great Odds