McK et al Study P2 Ready to develop the work streams?

McK et al Study P2 Ready to develop the work streams?

26 Episodes

Part 2

This program teaches you how to manage and structure an engagement in a well run McKinsey, BCG et al study. We focus on the fundamentals so that anyone trying to learn these skills will find the program useful. You need not an an interest in M&A not IT to benefit.

In this study training program you will work within an engagement team as they help the Ontario government merge and list three IT companies to create a national IT champion to compete in the marketplace.

The study training is presented via detailed consulting videos explaining every step of the analyses and every skill used by the consulting team, including all the material produced in the study along with explanations of the analyses. You will be able learn what we did, adapt it for your clients and deploy our tools.

Consultants, aspiring consultants, MBA students, executives and internal consultants can use these detailed guides and tools to become outstanding management consultants or learn the skills of the elite consulting firms.

We have created the most sophisticated and elaborate management consulting training program – the material is more detailed and useful than that found anywhere else. After using the material, a client will be able to walk into any strategy assignment and complete the study accurately and with confidence. 
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McK et al Study P2 Ready to develop the work streams?