Getting Ahead Of The Recession

Getting Ahead Of The Recession

3 Episodes

Arriving 7 May, Leaving 7 June

FIRMSconsulting Insider training prepares our clients for just this moment; to see the opportunity and lead in a recession. Yet, some clients may not always see the opportunity. They may act as if this storm will soon pass and they just need to weather it out. In this program we explain what is likely to happen for our clients and the mindset they should adopt to take charge and move forward. If bad things are going to happen, then we believe you should be ready, lean in and confront the challenge. We cannot let circumstances dictate our future and those of our families, friends and employers. This is a moment for which Insiders have been uniquely groomed.

We discuss the very real discussion many choose to postpone about whether or when to leave the USA if you are on a word-dependent visa, and/or believe better opportunities may exist elsewhere. Too many clients want to read advice that everything will be better and they just need to remain positive. This will not work. You need to know how bad it can be, make the right choices and act now. This can be an opportunity if you act early and act decisively. No one is better equipped to use this moment to relaunch your career than you are.

Part 1: Think
Why FIRMSconsulting Insiders should thrive now
What happens in a recession: case study
How to think about this moment
What happens to executives, consultants and corporate employees

Part 2: Plan
How your value to employers will change
What stays the same in a recession
Impact on relationships and long-term planning
What constrains your ability to act
Where to focus
McKinsey client example

Part 3: Act
Your mindset
6 steps to take now

This program is based on the experiences of our most successful clients whom we have mentored through many similar situations.

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Getting Ahead Of The Recession