5 Business Cases: Detailed Tools & Analyses

5 Business Cases: Detailed Tools & Analyses

33 Episodes

Part 5

Learn the correct way to build business and benefits cases, complete financial analysis and financial modelling, and when to use bottom-up versus top-down analysis.

A detailed video guide outlining the step-by-step approach to build a business case for any initiative at a company. Begins with a brief overview of the strategy process.

In this program you will learn how to conduct business cases that lead to action on the part of clients and colleagues. We explain the difference between top-down and bottom-up, financial analyses vs financial modelling, the types of business cases etc.

This technique is used in the Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study, M&A Strategy Study and Market Entry Strategy Study.

In "The Implementation program" and "Partnership. Memoir" we discuss how this technique was used and you can see many other examples in these programs of how to practically implement this approach.

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5 Business Cases: Detailed Tools & Analyses